The Iconic New Grand Avenue Bridge
The New Pedestrian Bridge in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs embarks on a legacy project that will reshape the face of the community.

The Grand Avenue Bridge project is a 30-month construction project to build a new Grand Avenue Bridge and Pedestrian Bridge. The Grand Avenue Bridge and the adjacent Pedestrian Bridge serve as important connections between downtown Glenwood Springs and the historic Hot Springs Pool, Hotel Colorado and Interstate 70. The current traffic bridge was constructed in 1953 and is considered “functionally obsolete." 

After four years of planning, the project ramped up in Janurary of 2016. Improvements to the primary transportation overpass include wider lanes, greater structural stability, more efficient traffic flow, curved alignment and an aesthetically pleasing design. To complement the town’s historic character, materials such as red sandstone, natural rock and brick will be incorporated. Additionally, the new Grand Avenue Bridge will revitalize the entire Glenwood Springs community and historic downtown.

Our community knows that the time you choose to spend in Glenwood Springs is very important to you, and therefore would like to help make your visit as stress free as possible. Construction projects are often very fast-paced and complex, with road conditions changing from day to day. Therefore, please use the following resources to help plan your trip:

  • For the most up-to-date construction information including lane and road closures and pedestrian updates, visit
  • If you are visiting the Hot Springs Pool while you are here, please check their website for updated parking information
  • Download a parking map of downtown Glenwood Springs at
  • For information on riding the bus in downtown Glenwood Springs, visit

Projected Project Timeline: 

Phase 1: January & February 2016 - Done!
Phase 2: March – December 2016 - Done!
Phase 3: January – August 2017
Phase 4: August – December 2017 (Detour in Operation)
Phase 5: January – May 2018