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Modern Family: The Single Parent’s Guide to Glenwood Springs

Single parents vacationing with children have extra challenges. Thankfully, Glenwood Springs is an easy Colorado destination for busy moms or dads traveling with youngsters. Single parents have their hands full, especially while traveling. Make your Glenwood Springs getaway as uncomplicated and enjoyable as child’s play with these simple travel tips: Get the kids involved in […]

Challenge Yourself to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in Glenwood Springs

Nothing beats traveling to help you experience something new. From thrill rides to whitewater rafting, there are plenty of exhilarating opportunities to push your personal boundaries in Glenwood Springs. According to placesyoullsee.com, one of the top travel trends for 2018 is getting out of your comfort zone. Today’s travelers want more than just “lounge time” […]

It’s Showtime in Glenwood Springs!

Leave the drama to the professionals; attend a theater show in Glenwood Springs! Whether you prefer lots of laughs, Shakespearean tragedies, improv, standup or big musicals, Glenwood’s stages are riveting audiences with masterful talent. Back in Shakespeare’s day, the Bard himself would tell you that theater performances were intended for one and all. Queens and […]

Wellness and Taking Time Off: Make Glenwood Springs, Colorado Your Go-To for Both

Using your earned vacation days is an important first step in improving personal and family well-being. With its ample geothermal amenities and outdoor activities, Glenwood Springs is a Colorado hot spot for relieving stress and restoring balance. According to Project Time Off, a national movement that seeks to transform American attitudes about taking earned vacation […]

Five Ways to Catch Up with Doc Holliday in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs, Colorado’s most famous resident, Doc Holliday left behind a legacy of history and a few mysteries. Learn all about Wild West icon, Doc Holliday in Glenwood Springs, the final resting place of the sharp-shooting dentist, but bring your sleuthing skills because we still have a few unsolved mysteries. John Henry Holliday, better known […]

10 Fun Facts About Glenwood’s Spectacular New Bridge

You may have already heard Glenwood Springs, Colorado has a brand-new bridge. But here are a few things you may not know about the Grand Avenue Bridge project. 1. It’s LARGE—The Grand Avenue Bridge (GAB) project in Glenwood Springs is the largest Colorado Department of Transportation construction project on the Western Slope of Colorado since […]