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For thousands of years, people have recognized the restorative powers of water. Sure it can quench your thirst, but when the earth heats it up, like it does in Glenwood Springs, the power of water is unleashed. Our water can do amazing things, like soak away your aches and pains; relax away your 9 to 5; soothe your very soul. Come discover what can happen to you, when you just add water.

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Glenwood Hot Springs from above

Glenwood Springs fact sheet. 

Glenwood Springs Golf Course Aerial

Descriptions of the top eleven attractions.

Glenwood Springs From Above

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Glenwood Springs View From the North

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Sunset Over Glenwood Springs

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West Glenwood Sunset

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Glenwood Springs, the land of water

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Glenwood Springs press releases.

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