Doc Holliday Museum
Doc Holliday's Gun at the Museum

The Doc Holliday Museum is the first satellite museum for the Glenwood Springs Historical Society. The society’s parent location, the Frontier Museum, is located at 1001 Colorado Avenue. Needing extra room to tell the story of Doc’s Life, Legend and Lore, the museum partnered with Bullock’s Store to open a second location in the heart of downtown Glenwood Springs at 732 Grand Avenue. This particular location has great meaning because, in 1887 Doc died in the ornate Hotel Glenwood which once rose out of that very spot.

In the museum you will see the only wooden beam and original stone walls that survived the 1945 fire that destroyed the Hotel Glenwood. There are photos and drawings of John Henry (Doc) Holliday, his pocket watch, a notorious derringer that reportedly belonged to Doc and items representing the historic time period during which he lived. Learn from these items and from an short filmed actor's portrayal of his life.

Doc Holliday Museum admission is $7 adults, $5.00 seniors and children 12 and under free if accompanied by an adult. Visit both the Doc Holliday Museum and the Frontier Historical Museum for $10. Currently open 7 days a week.

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Located in Bullock's Western Store
732 Grand Avenue